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ThermoMonitor® (formerly ThermoLog Basic)

Temperature measurement for thermally isolated lorry tippler

This measurement system is available under the produkt name

and can be purchased exclusively via our sales partner
BPW Bergische Achsen Kommanditgesellschaft

Our ThermoMonitor® is a cost effective solution to monitore asphalt temperature according to the requirements from 1.1.2015 for thermally isolated lorry tippler. The system suits for new lorries as well as for refitting.

The measurement unit has a 2 row display which shows the temperatures of 4 or 5 sensors. The temperatures are measured continuously and displayed in a rotatory manner. The average temperature value is permanetly displayed as well as the measurement intervall from the beginning of a loading event.

The ThermoMonitor® offers a series interface to copy the stored temperatue values to a files system or a printer. Via a programming interface the algorithm and constants as well as the complete software can be updated or exchanged. Via the series interface also the tippler registration code can be set as well as the number of sensors.

Further information can be found in ThermoMonitor®

Torque Control Module

Torque Control Module DMMD

Many motor controllers are designed as rotary speed controllers, meaning that the throttle characteristics shows a somewhat "bumpy" behaviour of your electric vehicle especially at lower speeds. This is substantially different from gas driven vehicles which allows to control the torque.
With the Torque Control Module from picoamps as an extension module the throttle characteristic of the controller will be changed to torque control, which will give you excellent controllability at all speeds.

Cooling and Tuning Products

Tuning Kit

Increased Cooling for your Motor

The power dissipation of an electric motor strongly depends on the usage scenario. The cooling technology from picoamps enables you to match the cooling of your motor to your individual needs.

To achieve this with our enhanced cooling products, we apply the most powerful cooling technology known from PCs allowing for up to 30% more torque (ca. 16% more power) The heat extracted from the motor is dissipated using a copper heat sink and aluminum wings as a radiator.

All Cooling Kits are built on a
Mounting Kit
which serves as basis for all picoamps Cooling and Tuning products:

Cooling Kit Basic for maximum 150 Watts cooling power
Cooling Kit L for maximum 300 Watts cooling power
Cooling Kit XL for maximum 600 Watts cooling power
(cooling power depending on the environmental conditions)

Stepless Gearing

Booster-Kit to increase the maximum r.p.m. up to 30%

The picoamps Booster Kit will modify the motor giving you kind of a electromechanical "stepless gearing" that provides extra speed on straights while maintaining good acceleration leaving bends.

Other Products and Accessories

Kill Switch (Emercency Switch-off)

The picoamps Kill Switch securely interrupts the ignition of your vehicle in case of emergency. Contrary to similar products we use a magnetic switch that closes its contact when being exposed to a megnetic field. The main advantage of this magnetic kill switch compared to systems with key plug is that it works omnidirectional. The magnet will not get stuck and thus obstruct the emergency switch off.

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